10 things to do with Seashells

If you’re a little bit of a hoarder like me, then you’ve probably got a collection of shells sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.

Maybe you’d forgotten about them and only came across them when having a ‘clear out’, which, incidentally, tends to mean that you don’t actually clear anything out. You just move stuff about, find things you’d forgotten you had, and think ‘well I can’t throw this out, I’ll make something with it’.

…or is it just me that does that?

Either way, I’ve a box of old shells, and a couple of bags of new, that I need to do something with.

A list seemed like the perfect way to get my backside into gear, maybe it’ll help you too?

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1. Candles

Seashell candles have got to be one of the easiest things to make. They’re the epitome of simple, yet effective.
You can spray paint the shells or leave them plain. Make the candles from scratch or use wax from candles you already had.
I love making them. I always over estimate how much wax I’ll need for a project, and these are the perfect way to use up what’s left over.

diy | handmade shell candles @ www.burkatron.com
Beautiful Gold Candles Made Using Spray Paint and Sea Shells @ www.hometalk.com
















2. Shell Creatures

Now then, these are probably a bit like Marmite – you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it.
I think they look like fun, even if the end result can look a little tacky, but I think that’s half the joy of them.

Shell Chicken – link is to Pinterest, as I was unable to find the original source
HOW TO MAKE SEASHELL FISH @ craftsbyamanda.com











3. Crystallised Shells

I stumbled across this on one of my late night, only half paying attention, jaunts through Pinterest. By the time I’d realised it was, as always seems to be the case, an American site using American products, it was too late, I’d already fallen in love with the idea.
The main ingredient in this is something called Borax. Now, Borax isn’t sold in UK shops it seems, (a little bit of googling pointed to that being to do with some EU law or something or other). You can, however, find it on ebay, and probably Amazon, but I’ve not checked. Either way, when payday arrives I’ll be ordering some to have a play with.



4. Wall Art

Another simple, yet effective way to use shells – arrange ’em, frame ’em, display ’em.

Shell Art @ www.sandandsisal.com
3 WAYS TO FRAME & DISPLAY SEA SHELLS @ www.charlestoncrafted.com















5. Succulent Planters

These seem like quite fun things to make, especially if you’re a bit green fingered as well as crafty. I tend to kill anything that’s green, so I’d use artificial succulents or flowers in these, that way I can still get the beauty of them without worrying about keeping it alive.

Planted Shells @ www.crazypatterns.net
Sea Shell Planter Ideas @ http://balconygardenweb.com














6. Miniature Scene

I love miniature scenes, there’s something infinitely appealing about tiny things. But I’d never thought to put them in sea shells before.

Shell Miniature Garden @ www.allerleiunfug.de
sea shell with polymer clay turtle coming out of the sea on to the sand @ etsy.com














7. Hair Accessories

How about a bit of seaside flair for your hair?

DIY Painted Seashell Accessories @ www.polkadotchair.com
Handmade seashell hair comb @ poshmark.com












8. Jewellery

And if you’ve got the hair accessories, you might as well have some jewellery too.

DIY SEASHELLS JEWELRY SET @ thecraftingnook.com
Seashell Pendants @ jewelrymakingjournal.com













9. Embellishments

You can pretty much bedazzle the hell out of anything with shells really.
Boring candlesticks?
Picture frames?

DIY Shell Planter @ www.sandandsisal.com
HOW TO MAKE A SEASHELL FRAME @ mosaictipsandtricks.blogspot.com













10. Wind Chimes

Finally, everyone loves wind chimes!
Ok, well maybe not everyone, but they’re pretty nonetheless.

Sea Shell Wind Chimes @ www.thriftyfun.com
DIY Seashell & Bead Wind Chime @ www.artsychicksrule.com















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